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Romantic intrigue CIRCUS WOLF by Lynde Lakes


by Lynde Lakes

Description: CIRCUS WOLF--Circus wolf meets Tigra, Queen of the Tigers- It is a deadly triangle and a darker paranormal wolf-tigress story of passion, greed and the evil waiting in the foggy darkness that settled with brooding malevolence around the circus big top. The approximately 51,868 word romantic intrigue explores the relationships struggling to survive as a vampire thief from a paranormal world of greed and lust attacks without mercy. The circus itself, whose maze of tents and caravans hid the priceless and magical golden arrowhead—and the identity of the vampire who’d killed for it. To complicate matters, the highly passionate redish-blonde tigress known as the queen of the tigers, unknowing finds herself attracted to a werewolf-roustabout. Hugo, known by some as Hugh, isn’t the only danger to this tigress. The vampire thief determined to make her his own, whisks her away into his world of darkness. He watches her every move. If he can’t have her, he has vowed to destroy everyone with ties to the circus.

To save themselves, and everyone involved in the big top, Hugh and Tigra must ferret out the vampire thief while trying to keep their passions under control. Tigra’s feral instincts and animal lust thrusts her deeper into the path of evil. While danger closes in, Hugh and Tigra aren’t at first aware that the gravest threat to her secrets and life was her burning desire to unearth the truth about her assistant’s brutal murder.

Genre: Romantic intrigue
Available Formats: E-Book.
Approximate Word Count: 51868 words.
Publisher: Evernight Publishing, (12/17/2014)

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