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Paranormal Romantic Intrigue EN MELLIZO WOLVES by Lynde Lakes


by Lynde Lakes

Description: The approximately 65,000 word romantic intrigue explores the relationships struggling to survive as evil from a human world of greed and a wolf-like monster from a paranormal world of revenge closes around them to shake their foundations to near destruction. The highly passionate ex-werewolf and ex-she-wolf, struggle to protect their twin she-wolf daughters from the effects of the couple’s past curses and the current evil brewing in the broiling mud behind their mansion. While pursuing a cure for daughters, they make themselves vulnerable to greed, betrayal and an old score of revenge from the walking dead.

To get to the truth, they must ferret out the murderous monster from the mud, who is raising fear and terror in the community, and putting their freedom and lives in jeopardy. In addition, they must uncover the greedy person threatening to sell them out and give away their secrets.

While danger closes in, they must help their girls get beyond the feral instincts thrusting them into the path of evil. Animal lust within hormone-raging teens, makes it nearly impossible for Damon and Angela to control and protect their wild twins. Especially while their own desires electrifies the air.

Genre: Paranormal Romantic Intrigue
Available Formats: E-Book.
Approximate Word Count: 65000 words.
Publisher: Evernight Publishing, (7/3/2014)

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