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Romantic Paranormal Thriller VIRGIN WOLF by Lynde Lakes


by Lynde Lakes

Description: VIRGIN WOLF--Romantic, paranormal
thriller. Angela Ward, a Gemini virgin,
hates controlling men, especially in
their wolfish form. When she meets the
gorgeous Alpha werewolf Damon Lamont
III, she fights falling under his spell.
Her equally controlling wolf-
counterpart, however, sees this handsome
Alpha’s attempt at control and fiery
passion as a delicious challenge,
forcing Angela to make an exception.
Angela knows she’s courting danger by
falling prey to her feral desires with a
man who may be the hairy beast tearing
out the throats of innocent young women
in her community.

Genre: Romantic Paranormal Thriller
Available Formats: E-Book.
Approximate Word Count: 60449 words.
Publisher: Evernight Publishing, (6/5/2014)

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