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Romantic Intrigue DEADLY INFLUENCE 2 by Lynde Lakes


by Lynde Lakes

Description: Romantic Intrigue.DEADLY INFLUENCE— An “Officer and a Gentleman” type is tackled by the female version of “The Bodyguard” and sparks fly.

The 63,954 word romantic intrigue explores the relationship that develops while Air Force Intelligence Lieutenant, Jay Corning, and his grandmother’s bodyguard, Lisa Dixon, struggle to keep his grandmother and each other alive while trying to uncover the evil soul trying to kill the strong-willed matriarch. Danger closes in from the dark corners of the small community, stirring fears and steamy emotions.

Genre: Romantic Intrigue
Available Formats: E-Book.
Approximate Word Count: 63954 words.
Publisher: Evernight Publishing, (5/22/2014)

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