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Author Lynde Lakes

Author Lynde Lakes Biography

A former real estate appraiser, Lynde Lakes left the RE field to write full time, She holds a Masters degree from the University of California and a California lifetime teaching credential. She is the author of novels, novellas and numerous short stories.
Her published novels include:Recent Books under Contract: updated 9/20/2014

Evernight Publishing. P.O Box 28072
1. MURDER IN THE CLEAR ZONE 1-978-1-927368-28-2 RELEASED 12-21-2011
2. POINTING LEAF ISBN 1-978-927368-55-8 RELEASED. 2-20-2012
3. PRIMITIVE FLAME 1-978-927368-67-1 RELEASED 3-08-2012
4. STAR FALLEN LOVER 978-1-927368-86-2 RELEASED 3-29-2012
5. SILENT CYMBALS ISBN: 978-1-77130-006-3 RELEASED 4-23-2012
6. RUSSIAN CONNECTION 978-1-927368-86-2 RELEASED 5-09-2012
7. SET UP FOR LOVE. ISBN: 978-1-77130-030-8 RELEASED 5-23-2012
8. MIDNIGHT DESTINY (Nov) ISBN: 978-1-77130-049-0 RELEASED 6-11-2012
9. DEADLY REUNION ISBN: 978-1-77130-065-0 RELEASED 6-29-2012
10. DEADLY INFLUENCE ISBN: 978-1-77130-845-8 RELEASED 5-22-2014
11. VIRGIN WOLF I ISBN: 978-1-77130-867-0 RELEASED 6-05-2014
12. VW II MELLIZO WOLVES ISBN: 978-1-77130-907-3 RELEASED 7-03-2014
13. VW III Abandoned & Raised By Wolves--to be released on 10/3/2014!!!
14 BILLBOARD COP ISBN:978-1-61217-542-3 (print)
ISBN:978-1-61217-543-0 (digital) RELEASED. 12-19-2012
15. COWBOY LIES Not edited, no cover, not yet released.
16. LASSO THAT COWBOYNot edited, no cover, not yet released.
17. UNDER COVER COWBOY in review. No contract yet.
18. COWBOY IN MY SIGHTS. 8/28/2014 Still in editing/no cover.
19. DD. completed & being reviewed for publication.
20. Marriage By Mistake Completed an being reviewed for publication

Two of Lyndes's novels received a four-star review from Romantic Times Book Reviews. She is active in the Aloha Chapter of the RWA. A Romance Writer’s of America member since 1987, and served as president of the Aloha Chapter, Hawaii for four years and vice president for three years, she has volunteered at regional conferences and served as Hospitality Chairman for RWA 95, Hawaii. She appears often on local writer panels, leads critique groups, participates in book signings and author loops. She participated in a charming Hawaiian anthology SUNSET INN. Proceeds go to Hawaii Literacy.

Personal reflections:

I can’t live without: my family, writing, my writing buddies, strawberries with nonfat whipped topping, chocolate and Twinings
Four Red Fruits tea or vanilla black tea.

I love to: walk, meet new friends, dance, roller-skate, oil paint and travel.

Writing is like: running full speed down a new path full of twists and turns.

My hope is: That you enjoy my stories and find your own truth in them.

My best moment: It hasn’t come yet. But it will be great!

I believe in: living strong, determined and full speed ahead.

My vow: to never put the .38 in the saddle bag without drawing it, and to never forget the black moment or the golden ending.
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